We were the endlings….

And now we’re Sunshine Tip - the longish version

Dave Bowers (guitars, vocals), Dee Hannan (mandolin, vocals) and Alice Garner (cello) have played separately and together in a variety of line-ups over the years, moving through a kaleidoscope of styles & traditions, including country, rock’n’roll, electronica, lounge, Irish, Greek and more. 

In about 2014, the trio came together as The Endlings, to play and develop new songs Dave had written. At the time all three were raising young kids so progress was slow and gigs a rare thing, but they continued to work and rework the songs together, whenever they could. Finally the time came to record.

The band members' diverse musical experiences are woven through the tapestry of their sound. Labels are always limiting, but they have been described as 'alternative country'. 

A name change was also on the cards when the trio discovered that over their quiet songwriting years, a bunch of other Endlings had emerged around the world...


Bowers is Sunshine Tip’s main songwriter, working up new material on acoustic guitar and bringing it to the group for collaborative arrangement and refinement. Dave grew up on Melbourne's western edge, watching the farm across the road transform into outer suburbia. This experience on the border of city and country informs many of the band's songs. 

This is also what lies beneath the band's new name: Sunshine is an outer suburb of Melbourne and the tip was a regular destination for families dumping their stuff but also where they might find unexpected treasures.

Dave's musical background includes: Eugene Hamilton and the Money, Hogbelly Morton’s Country Revue, Mr Universe, Fonda, The Nubiles, B# Big Band, Stone Cold Boners and the ‘Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any More’ Scott Walker tribute (with Dave Graney, Clare Moore & Rob Snarski).

Dave is also a painter and graphic artist. He exhibits regularly in Melbourne, and was one half of Doug Bartlett, created many memorable t-shirt designs as a 90s Mambo artist and co-founded the surfwear label Umgawa.


Alice Garner started playing cello aged ten, and after eight years of classical training moved into other musical territory. She learnt to listen in new ways and to trust her ear over decades playing and recording with the Xylouris Ensemble and then euphonia, alongside her childhood friends Dee and Mairéad Hannan. In Sunshine Tip, Alice improvises cello parts that move from drones to moving bass lines to melodic solos. 

Alice earns a living as a historian and occasionally goes back to her first trade as an actor. She began acting as a child and became known for roles in Australian TV shows like Secret Life of Us and SeaChange. She played Alice in the 1990s international hit film, Love and Other Catastrophes and more recently has been playing the role of her intriguing ancestor Fanny Finch on stage and on the radio. She also plays guest cello with other bands, most recently with Sally Ford & the Idiomatics.


Dee Hannan has been practising as a musician and multimedia artist for over 30 years. Dee trained in classical piano and harpsichord with Elizabeth Anderson and Cretan lute with Giorgos Xylouris. 

She has played live extensively and recorded with bands and artists including the Xylouris Ensemble, Psarantonis, The Troubles, Friends & Relations, Paul Kelly, Caroline No, Xylouris White and Mick Turner. She has worked with international producers like Donal Lunny (IRL), Guy Picciotto (USA), and Stelios Aerakis (GR). With Alice and Mairead Hannan she was involved in original music theatre productions Square and Kyklos and in creating the original soundtrack for the award-winning One Night the Moon

Dee worked for many years as a Digital Arts Producer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Most recently, when not playing with Sunshine Tip, she has been playing (and recording) with Caroline Kennedy, Henry Hugo, Xylouris White and Ekranoplans

In Sunshine Tip, Dee brings her gift for heart-breaking vocal harmonising along with understated but unforgettable mandolin parts.


Mitch Cairns, who produced the band's debut EP, is not only an award-winning producer, but a very talented bass player and multi-instrumentalist in his own right who tours regularly. He contributed percussion and piano to the tracks when something more was needed....