1. Ghost Nets

From the recording We were the endlings

Ghost nets is a duet inspired by Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons’ intertwining vocals. It’s a love song acknowledging that everyone brings their own baggage and dark corners to a relationship. But it’s also hopeful, insisting that anyone can learn how to love better, no matter what past they’ve come from.
'Twisting and turning
We stepped into each other’s time.'

Music & lyrics: David Bowers
Arrangement: Sunshine Tip (David Bowers, Alice Garner, Dee Hannan)
Vocals: David Bowers and Dee Hannan
Guitars (acoustic, electric): David Bowers
Cello: Alice Garner
Piano and percussion: Mitch Cairns

Produced by Mitch Cairns
Recorded at Coloursound Studios
Mixed at Cavern Sound Studios
Mastered by Joseph Carra at Crystal Mastering

© all rights reserved


Twisting and turning
Our hearts were burning
We stepped into
Each other’s time
You were so pretty
I was so lonesome
Could not get you out of my mind

Tangled up like the leaves on the breeze
Spinning around
Tumbling down
Tangled up like ghost nets in the sea
Dragging our darkness around

Ducking and weaving
Like mugs in the ring
Got no idea how it goes
Dipping and wheeling
Like gulls in the wind
New shoots all covered in snow

Tangled up like plastic bags in the trees
Hanging around
We slowly break down
All tangled up like an old bunch of keys
The doors they once fit can’t be found

Now the wind blows cold
And the dark clouds roll
And my hands
Are made
Of lead
And I can’t get you out of my head

Cleaning the ashtrays and
Stealing the loose change
Eating the scraps off the bone
You were so pretty and I was so broken
I would have sunk like a stone.

Tangle up in four seasons of love
Spinning around
Tumbling down
Tangled up like the hawks and the doves
Tangled up like car full of clowns