about Sunshine tip

Sunshine Tip is an acoustic trio playing moody, melodic country-influenced originals. 

Dave Bowers (songwriter, vocals, guitars), Dee Hannan (vocals, mandolin) and Alice Garner (cello) have been playing as a trio since 2014 but have a much longer history of collaboration across different bands and artforms.

They perform evocative, sometimes melancholic but always memorable songs, sparsely and imaginatively arranged and featuring sweet interweaving vocal harmonies.

Sunshine Tip's debut EP ‘We were the endlings’ dropped in December 2023 and hit no. 5 on the Australian Independent Record Label 100% independent singles chart.

The 5 tracks were recorded and mixed by award-winning producer Mitch Cairns at Coloursound and Cavern Sound Studios and in two of the band members' homes in Melbourne, Australia over 2021-2023. 

The songs on ‘We were the endlings' were written by Bowers and arranged (and over the years endlessly re-arranged) collaboratively with Garner and Hannan.

The title of the EP is taken from the band's original name, The Endlings.

We were the endlings

Sunshine tip

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We were the endlings

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